Gedung Sate

( This building is a historic building in downtown of Bandung. Known as Gedung Sate because this building has a unique characteristic, namely ornaments 6 skewers (satay) that is above the central tower. 6 skewers symbolizing 6 million Gulden were used to

White Crater

( The average air temperature in the area around the White Crater tends to cool until cold but very fresh because it is located at an altitude of 2400 meters above sea level. Therefore provide a thick jacket before going to the

Mt. Tangkuban Parahu

( The mountain is still fairly active this is an area of ??natural attractions of Bandung, which is adjacent to the area of Lembang Bandung and also an excellent tourism West Java, because of the natural attractions typical mountain which has many

Ciater Hot Springs

( Ciater Hot spring is located in Ciater Road, Nagrak, Subang regency, West Java. This place visited by visitors around and outside the city because there are many things that can be obtained if dip in the pool Ciater with such can


( Ciumbuleuit Peak area is one alternative way to Lembang. The plateau region is the closest from Bandung (approximately 8 km). On weekends or holiday season, this region filled with ordinary tourists who come for sightseeing and enjoying views of Bandung City.

Cihampelas Terrace

( Cihampelas Street is known as a shopping tourism destination of Bandung. Fashion shops (jeans, shirts, etc.), the center for souvenirs, hotels, culinary, and mall, up to the travel pool lined the road passing the bend Setiabudhi Street down to the intersection